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Visual language

Definition: (This is a working definition: Please edit till we like it. If you are unsure whether an edit will improve the definition, let's discuss on the talk page)--Dgray xplane 03:38, 27 November 2006 (UTC) Visual language is any communication which is primarily visual. For the purposes of this wiki, it will focus on an emerging field which focuses on improving thinking, learning and communication by making it more visual.

Bob Horn's definition: "Visual language is a new language composed of tightly integrated textual and visual elements. Its emergence is a result of such driving forces as globalization, increasing complexity both in commerce and technology, and the convergence of vocabularies from many previously distinct fields."

IMO this is too narrow. For example it excludes Jerry Michalski's Red:Green, which I believe should be considered as a visual language practice. Thoughts?--Dgray xplane 01:47, 27 November 2006 (UTC)


Add disciplines here. Please keep alphabetical.

Information design

Visual facilitation

Visual journalism

Concepts, terms and definitions

Add terms and definitions here. Please keep alphabetical.


Divergence and convergence

External memory field


Informal learning

Information mapping

Learning map

Mental models

Mind map

Nodes and links

Open space

Persona development

Process mapping

Thought chunking

Thought experiment

Topic mapping

Visual explanation

Visualization session

Visuo-spatial sketchpad


Visual language tools

Mind Manager






Related science, research and practices

I've got some stuff I can fill in to flesh this out--Dgray xplane 01:11, 27 November 2006 (UTC)

Agile programming

Baddely and Hitch



Visual language educational programs, courses and training

Visual Thinking and Visual Communication


Case studies

Stories and personal experiences with visual language

Essays, projects and works in progress

Please keep alphabetical.

Icons, Indices, and Symbols by Patrick keenan

Nodes and links by Dave Gray (Needs cleanup)

Topic mapping by Shiela Kim (Needs cleanup)

Truth structures by Patrick Keenan

Visualizing "The World is Flat" by Sheila Kim and Christopher Peri (Needs cleanup)

Why a Visual Language Wiki? by Michael Erickson


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Gray, Dave: Dgray_xplane


Add notable books, papers and other works here. Please keep the list alphabetical.

Cross, Jay, "Informal Learning, Rediscovering the Natural Paths that Inspire Innovation and Performance", 2006 (ISBN: 0-7879-8169-9).

Doyle, Michael, and Strauss, David, "How to Make Meetings Work", (Date published?) (ISBN: 0-5150-9048-4).

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