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Vitani Felan was the Modi, or Sheriff, under "Jarl" Ragnar Thrice-born. She has lived in San Andreas since 1950, meaning she predates both the Gangrel Priscus, Nightwolf and his Whip, Johnny Relic.

Though she can be vocal, most of the time Vitani stays back and observes others. However, if the matter involves one in her clan or covenant, she's EXTREMELY vocal and passionate about defending them.

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Concerning her past, there is not much known about Vitani. Only that she was part of the Ordo before she came to San Andreas. A couple of times she has expressed how she misses having longer nights.

On October 9th, 2007, Vitani resigned as Modi of San Andreas. This occured shortly after a rough court gathering where the Jarl Ragnar interogated Michael Law and the police raided the building they were in. It was well known Vitani was not happy with the fact herself, Wesley and Cole were left behind as the Jarl simply told the cops he was innocent and was able to escape. When she resigned she was quoted stateing, " It seems there have been some changes to this position from when I first accepted it which I do not agree to."

A neonate mehket known as Katrina McFerrell picked a fued with Vitani over a trival matter. For nearly a month Vitani was known to try and discuss terms of ending the silly fued, asking for merely an apology and a trival boon of Katrina. Katrina refused the offers then later was caught by Vitani spying on a small Ordo meeting. Convinced Katrina knew secrets about the Ordo, Vitani went and attacked Katrina during the day-time. Shortly after Katrina's death, Vitani's eyes changed colors to a cold icy blue.

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In the Ordo

Only known to fellow Ordo members, Vitani is known as Rampant Dragon for the Sworn of the Axe and Philosopher of the Bloody, Firey Terror

Concerning her past, members of the Ordo who were in the city at the time of her arrival in 1950 only know she came from another Ordo group for the soul purpose of leading the Axe.

It's often talked about amoung member's Vitani's facination with Giant size Nosferatu in the Ordo..



Played by the Blonde Katie, whose previous Crimson Shadow Requiem characters predate the current chronicle and include Rosalba Delia, a Mekhet Invictus who's loyalties were sought by several other covenants and Dinah Lark, a Sanctified character who was playfully referred to as "the roach motel".

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