Viva Pinata is a Canadian-American animated television series seen around the world. It is based upon the Xbox 360 video game of the same name. It is produced by an American company, 4Kids Productions and Bardel Entertainment, a children's animation company in Canada.It aired to high ratings as part of the 4Kids TV programming block and later moved to The CW4Kids before being removed from the schedule on October 25, 2008. It is aired on YTV in Canada, Nicktoons Network and CITV in the UK and on Nickelodeon in Australia.


  1. Viva Pinata/Thomas
  2. Viva Pinata/TUGS
  3. Viva Pinata/Spongebob
  4. Viva Pinata/Finding Nemo
  5. Viva Pinata/Dragon Tales
  6. Viva Pinata/Barney
  7. Viva Pinata/Teletubbies
  8. Viva Pinata/Sesame Street
  9. Viva Pinata/Dora the Explorer
  10. Viva Pinata/Bob the Builder
  11. Viva Pinata/The Wiggles
  12. Viva Pinata/Cyberchase
  13. Viva Pinata/Arthur
  14. Viva Pinata/Chuggington

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