Vizzy 'Mr. Invisible' Ble is a character in the Virtual Series Mr. Thorpe and His Family and arguably the second most important character in the series. He is best friends with Mattholomew and does have a rapport with most of the family.



Vizzy was born to two parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ble - who seemingly took a dislikening to him. Mr. Ble was a travelling showman who angered a lot of Romany Gypsies by placing Carson Evans in a comedy act - and thus they cursed his son to be invisible for ever.

He met Mattholomew by bumping into him outside of a supermarket - and they have become close friends ever since.

It has not been revealed what he looks like when visible - and the consenus is that it will probably never be revealed.


Mr. Invisible is probably the most level-headed of the Thorpe's - and is considered a part of the family even though he's not biologically related to them. He can be sarcastic and see what's there behind everyone else's clouded eyes.

Role in the Series

Mr. Invisible is the voice-of-reason, and as noted by reviewer JJ Estes, an apparent voice of the reader. Representing the invisible presence of someone who's constantly witnesses all of the things in question.

Memorable Quotes

Hope: (Doing a crossword) "Four letters: ‘Explicit slang for sexual acts.’"
Mr. Invisible: (walking in) "Give you a clue, your Dad is an ‘-ing idiot’."

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