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Volcanoes are abundant and found all over the world map. When the player stops on a volcano, they have the option to mine it. If the volcano is mined, a random amount of Mars Dollars is rewarded to the player, and the same player cannot mine the same volcano until the next day.

Rarely to occasionally, the player may find a "motherlode" after a succesful mining expedition of a volcano. They reward the player with a larger sum of Mars Dollars, ranging from 60-150 Mars Dollars. The chance to find a motherlode increases with the amount of settlements the player governs, joins, and the amount of settlements the player's alliance's governs.

When a player manages to hold 20,000 Mars Dollars or more, the player will have a chance of running into an eruption. Eruptions may occur when the player mines a volcano. Depending on the player's stats, the chance of an eruption occuring is between 1:40 to 1:80, or 0.025% to 0.0125%. If the player is unlucky enough to run into an eruption, an amount of Mars Dollars between 2 and 2000 is lost.

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