Player's Pulse

Summer's here, the sun's out, and it's no time to be holed up indoors playing video games!!! So haul your TV out to the porch and enjoy your Nintendo games in the sun. And whil you're out, write us a letter, too -- we'd love to hear how your summer's going.

(image - Thomas Korp - Phillipsburg, New Jersey)

Snubbed like Streisand

For "Coolest Move of 1996," I think that Mario's Triple Jump from Super Mario 64 should have been included as a nominee. Also, I think there should have been an award for the "Coolest Accessory of 1996." The nominees could have been the green, blue, black, red and yellow N64 Controllers along with the N64 Controller Pak. That's a category I think you should consider putting in the NP Awards for 1997.
Phil King
Armada, MI
With the Rumble Pak coming out very soon, "Coolest Accessory" would definitely make for a tip-top category. Thanks for your suggestion, Phil!

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