Vovatra is a planet and a nation which encompasses that planet.


Vovatra consists largely of one continent, also called Vovatra.

The highest point is Mount M, located roughly in the centre of the continent. It is also the tallest point in the M Range, which runs from Vovatra's east coast almost to its west coast, separating the northern and southern halves of the planet.

North of the range lies the vast M Plains region, which shades from a temperate climate in the west, watered by the M River, to a desert in the east. North of this region lie three peninsulas: The Moon Peninsula in the northwest, the Sun Peninsula in the north, and the Star Peninsula in the northeast. The moon and sun peninsulas are separated by the North Sea, which is rimmed by a ring of forests called the North Rim. The Moon and Sun peninsulas reach into the permafrost regions, and the Sun peninsula extends almost to the north pole; the Star peninsula does not reach as far north, however.

South of the M range has much more varied geography than north of it. In the west, there is a forested and hilly area known as the D Hills region, which shades into the V Plains. Just south of the main part of the range is the Pink Jungle, which gives way to the Southern Plains. The Southern plains is separated from the V plains by the Spice Forest, which extends down towards the south pole. To the east along the coast is the Nevasoy Forest, which is jungle in the north but shades down to a permanently frozen forest and extends all the way to the south pole. Beyond the pole, there is a vast tundra area before one reaches the V plains again.

The main body of water on the planet is called the Vovatra Ocean, and stretches across over a third of the planet's surface area. Roughly in its center is the only notable landmass other than the continent of Vovatra, Nalyd Island. The only other notable body of water is the North Sea.


The calendar is counted from 1 AU, the year of planetary unification (the official date of unification was August 1 AU). The current date is May 14 AU.


More information at List of Vovatra Political Parties, Vovatra Political Alliances and Vovatran Parliament.

The planet has a single, united government, which consists of two parliamentary bodies elected by an eternal-vote system. This means that a person can change their registration at any time, causing their vote to be switched. This means that representation is constantly in flux, and members enter and leave parliament constantly. A lower-house seat goes to a party for each 1% of votes it receives, rounded. An upper-house seat goes to a party for each 10% of votes it receives, again rounded. Due to this rounding, there are almost always more than 100 seats in the lower house and fewer than 10 in the upper; right now there are 110 lower-house seats and only 8 upper-house ones.

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