The Vovatra Ocean is the largest body of water in Vovatra.


The ocean borders, from north to south on its west coast, the Star Peninsula, the eastern M Plains, the Pink Jungle and the Nevasoy Forest. From north to south on its east coast it borders the Moon Peninsula, the western M Plains, V Bay and the D Hills.

Additionally, the island of Nalyd is located approximately in the ocean's center.


The southern half of the ocean has a seasonal monsoon system. In winter, rains go ashore on the east coast in the D Hills and V Bay. In summer, stronger storms and sometimes hurricanes drive ashore in the Nevasoy Forest, bringing rain to that forest as well as the Southern Plains, Spice Forest and Pink Jungle. The north part of the ocean does not have such extreme weather.

Human Geography and Economics

On the west coast, the largest port is Nevasoya, followed by Gemstone, both in the Nevasoy Forest. Gemstone is a major fishing center. Further up the coast is the city of Temuqivis in the desert along the coast.

On the east coast are two major ports, M City at the mouth of the M River and V Port at the head of V Bay. V Bay is also a major fishing ground. Further north, there are Wom deposits off the coast of the Moon Peninsula.

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