This page lists Vovatran Political Alliances. For parties, see List of Vovatra Political Parties.

Gov Bold Opp Italic United Left LibFed Spiritual Center Conservative Bloc
Major SA ED | SD MM | JM | SDM VL | MP
Medium TLA | SP GLF TER | VN | AM
Minor MY | X YU? | LDP AR VSD | MW | PSN | PP | PS | MDR
Tiny FDS | AT | CM | CA | LB | IT | MA | FB CL | MEP | NW | CDP | HM | AR | PI | ONOP | GT F | MD | BM | WH AP | SM | BD | O | PD | FDP-1 | VSP | RP | NS | FDP-2 | CM

Major Alliances

These political alliances have at least one party in the Upper House of Parliament. They are ordered by the size of their largest party.

  • The Conservative Bloc is an informal solid-right alliance. It is not an official alliance; instead, it is largely a media creation to make a political bloc to the right of the Social Center. It is universally socially conservative, but is more diverse in its economic standing; it ranges from the big-government V Solidary Democracy to the economic libertarian The Economic Restoration. It contains effectively all parties that grew out of the V Movement which united the planet. It is led by the V List and Monster Party. Only a few parties in the Conservative Bloc are officially in the Conservative-Spiritual governing coalition; however, all the other parties support the government unofficially.
  • The Spiritual Center is a centrist alliance that focuses on religion and spirituality. It is a formal alliance between three of the five largest parties in Parliament, and votes as a bloc on government and procedural matters. It is centrist to center-right socially and economically. Its three parties are the Motherland Mobilization, Justice Movement and Spiritual Democratic Movement (the most overtly religious of the three). The alliance is notable for having no smaller parties, and for being very closely-knit; it has been proposed that the three parties merge, but this has not come to pass. If the parties do merge, they will have 29 seats in the Lower House, nearly twice their nearest rival (the V List), as well as three Upper House seats.
  • LibFed is a center-left alliance of liberal and federalist parties. It is centrist to center-left economically and socially liberal. Its biggest parties are the Elders of Democracy and Split Dominion. The Green Liberation Federation, Why Unite? and Liberal Democratic Party are also members. LibFed makes up the core of the official opposition.
  • The United Left is a solid-left alliance. It is a formal alliance between three parties, with two smaller associate members. The main parties are the Social Alliance, The Left Alliance and the Socialist Party. This bloc is large despite its appearances; if the parties united into one, they would have nineteen seats, more than the largest party currently in existence, the V List.

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