The Vovatran Parliament is the primary political body in Vovatra.


The parliament is elected by a continual-election system. Every person over the age of sixteen is a registered voter, and grants his or her vote to a party. The voter may change their vote at any time. Thus, if a party falls below a threshhold due to voters switching away, it will lose a seat, or if it grows, gain one. This means that the parliament is constantly in flux.


There are two official facilities of the parliament:

  • Government House is located in M City. It is a large dome-shaped building which houses offices for all parliamentarians as well as assembly rooms, conference rooms, etc.
  • The Pink Palace is located in the Pink Jungle. It is smaller and does not have permanent offices for parliamentarians, but many important things like government negotiations traditionally take place here.

Upper House

Each party has one seat in the Upper House for every 10% of votes they possess, rounded. So, only 5% of votes are needed for a first seat, but 15% are needed for a second.

There are currently eight parties in the upper house, each with one seat.

Lower House

Each party has one seat in the the Lower House for every 1% of votes they possess, rounded. There are currently 109 seats in the Lower House, distributed between 25 parties.


A government must encompass a majority of seats in both the upper and lower houses. The party with the most seats has the first chance to form a government; if that fails, the party with the next most seats can, and so on.

The current government is led by the V List. It encompasses that party, plus its close ally the Monster Party, as well as the three parties that form the Spiritual Center electoral bloc: Motherland Mobilization, the Justice Movement, and the Spiritual Democratic Movement. This gives it 5 of the 8 upper house seats.

In order to form its lower-house majority, it relies on the V Nationals, Alternative Movement and Power Party. Additionally, a total of eight small parties with fourteen seats together are self-described "government supporters", although they are not members.


Once a government is formed, an official opposition can be formed but it must have a majority of non-government seats in each house.

The two official opposition parties in the Upper House are the Elders of Democracy and Split Dominion. They lead an opposition alliance with four smaller parties: The Left Alliance, Why Unite?, Green Liberation Federation, and the Liberal Democratic Party. This effectively is the entire LibFed alliance plus TLA, which is a United Left member.

Other Political Bodies

Other than the parliament, the only other political bodies are city councils; there is a council for each city, town, and village, while many rural voters are counted as part of the nearest village. Normally, city councils do not do much, only fund local schools etc. The exception is in larger cities, where politics plays a role as well.

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