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Cancelling a purchase order Compiled on 4 July 2007 Compiler: Guy Aron

Cancelling a purchase order allows you to cancel an entire PO, after it has been approved, and generate a cancellation notice to send to the vendor. A purchase order cannot be cancelled if it contains a line item with a subscription component.

The status of the purchase order must be approved/sent.

The following criteria block the cancellation of a purchase order.

1. Line item copies on the purchase order with statuses other than Received, Backordered, Claimed, or Approved

2. Pending invoice is attached to the purchase order

Use the following to cancel an entire approved purchase order.

1. From an open purchase order, select Cancel from the Order menu or press Alt + O, C on your keyboard.

Result: A confirmation message displays.

2. Click Yes to continue with the cancellation or click No to abort the cancellation.

Result: If you clicked Yes, the system checks for blocks of the cancellation. If there are blocks the operator must determine the block condition, clear it, and then may cancel the PO. If cancelled, the status of the purchase order at the top of the purchase order is changed to Cancelled and a cancellation notice containing all of the purchase order’s line items that have not been received is generated. !

IMPORTANT: After the cancellation notice is generated, you must then proceed to the Reporter module where the notice can be printed in order to be sent to the vendor (see the Voyager Reporter User’s Guide for more information.) [GA1]

Result: The notice is generated and printed, ready to send to the vendor.

Session defaults Cancel and claim interval values can be set in the Session Defaults. The session defaults may be changed at any time. Session defaults can be manually overridden in the individual purchase order. To get to Sessions Defaults, click on Tools > Defaults, or click on the Set Defaults button on the toolbar.

Note: Cancel and claim intervals may be set on either the Purchase Order or Line Item default window.

Purchase Order


In the illustration above, note the session defaults that are set in the Purchase Order tab. These values may be modified by using either the drop-down menu (if present), or by typing in a new value.

Cancel and claim intervals are set according to the ordering unit.

Line item


On the Line Item tab, indicate the cancellation, claim interval days, or no claim option. The cancel and claim intervals are set according to departmental policy.



§ Default values specified on the Vendor tab are applied to several fields on new vendor records created during the current Acquisitions session.

§ Cancel after Days - Enter the default maximum number of days exceeded before a non-received line item is canceled.

Workflows - Line Items Entry of correct values in the Session Defaults permits the user to generate cancels, claims and returns directly from the Purchase Order.

To get to Workflows, click on Tools > Workflows, or click on the Set Workflows button on the toolbar.

In the Line Items tab, there are several settings for the "Quick Line Item" option. Quick Line Item provides a way to improve the efficiency of line item creation by presenting required and commonly used information.

When these items are checked, the user is allowed to generate cancels, claims and returns directly from the Purchase Order.

To save the changes, click <Apply>. To close the window, click <OK>.

Footer The Footer tab on the New Order (or Purchase Order) dialog box contains cancellation information about the order.

The Cancel After window shows the maximum number of days between ordering and cancelling an unreceived order. The value defaults to the number entered on your session defaults or, if none entered, to the number in the Cancel After field on the associated vendor’s record.

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