• Vrak as Thomas
  • Devidramon as Edward
  • Wolfgang Krauser as Henry
  • Rugal Bernstein as Gordon
  • Shredder as James
  • Buster King as Percy
  • Ancient Ogre as Toby
  • Cyberdemon as Duck
  • Goldar as Donald
  • Rito as Douglas
  • Lan Di as Oliver
  • Jayden Shiba as Diesel
  • Jeff Fecalman as Bill
  • Michael Pulaski as Ben
  • M.Bison as BoCo
  • Emma Goodall as Daisy
  • Laylamon as Mavis
  • Cycloid Emperor as Stepney
  • LadyDevimon as Emily
  • Mr. Big as Bertie
  • Sagat as Salty
  • Sagat as Harvey
  • Mega Man X and Zero as Arry and Bert
  • Mike Haggar as Diesel 10
  • Chip as Splatter
  • Dale as Dodge
  • Jake Holling as Bulgy
  • Gia Moran as Elizabeth
  • Kazuya Mishima as George
  • Spencer (from TTTE) as Murdoch
  • Barney as Spencer
  • Orion as Duncan
  • Sonic as Smudger
  • Noah Carver as Bulstrode

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