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W.S.S is the Wizard Superlative Society.


The members are: 225, 518, 532, 281, 529, 251, 297, 578 and 539.


It was a difficult time. Most of their friends had left, and they would soon be separated. The secret of Butla could not be lost. The truth of the Dragon, a creature which once scavenged this planet was hanging by a thread. Then he thought of a great idea, a way of always keeping them united, all secrets and intellect safe, as one bond of great humans: the Wizard Superlative Society. Which if not literal means The intelligence advance society.


W.S.S is famous for it's increasingly powerfull and destructive weapons including the Bazuka long B77O22W, XX70 sniperbow and the MC crossbow. These weapons and others are highly classified and therefore cannot be shown. They are brutal steel piercing man killing weapons. Taken care not to fall into the wrong hands.


W.S.S has the plans of futuristic advanced automobiles, aircraft, spacecraft, weapons, brilliant inventions and loads more. These plans cannots be shown as they are classified.

Special Items

The Maraurders Map (W.S.S version). It contains a full view of their school. It has a full view of it, marking everything. Even shorcuts and secret passageways.

Commonplace book: A blue book that keeps all their codes, plans and secrets safe.

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