WALL-E/Toy Story is a parody with Toy Story sounds and WALL-E clips.

The Cast:

  • Wall-E as Woody
  • Mo as Buzz
  • Eve as Jessie
  • Burn-E as Prospector
  • L-T as Mr.potato head
  • John as Hamm
  • Go-4 as Sid
  • Mary as Hannah
  • Han-s as Rex
  • Supply-r as Slinky
  • Hal As rc
  • Recject Robots as Squeez Toy aliens
  • Robot Claws as Evil Emperor Zurg
  • Rem-e as Bullsye
  • Tails (from Sonic) as Andy
  • Odie (from Garfeild) as Buster
  • Plankton (From Spongebob) as LOTS-O HUGGIN BEAR

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