WALL-E and Cars/Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

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  • Wall-E as Mario
  • Captain as Luigi
  • Mo as Yoshi
  • EVE as Peach
  • D-FIB as Daisy
  • John as Wario
  • REM-E as Waluigi
  • Autopilot as Bowser
  • GO-4 as Bowser Jr.
  • Wall-A as Donkey Kong
  • McQueen as Sonic
  • Mater as Tails
  • Mack as Knuckles
  • Sally as Amy
  • Flo as Blaze
  • Harv as Shadow
  • King as Silver
  • Sheriff as Vector
  • Chick as Dr. Eggman
  • Doc Hudson as Metal Sonic

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