April 7 2017: A bank has just been robbed around 9 AM. Police are on the look for the suspects

April 7 2017: Around 12 PM, a red, furry, monster looking character with a bald eagle wearing a Zipper Shirt were spotted near Nook's Cranny. These criminals might be our suspects.

April 7 2017: At 4:45 PM, the suspects were spotted at Hooper's store. They are found and taken in for questioning.

April 8 2017: After a long night of questioning, it turned out that Elmo and Apollo the Eagle were the suspects after all. They stole around 1,000,000,000 Bells from the bank. They are taken into court.

April 10 2017: Both Elmo and Apollo go to court. They are sentenced to 999,999,999,000 hours of community service. If they do not do these hours, they will be sentenced to 20 years in prision.

Alright guys, I got bored and had nothing else to do. And I do not hate Elmo OR Apollo!

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