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The shortest period transiting Hot Jupiter known and the first carbon-rich planet ever found (more Carbon than Oxygen). One of the two largest known planets at 1.79 Jupiter radii. Hottest known exoplanet at time of its discovery. Planet is being ripped apart by star. It is stretched in the shape of a rugby ball and leaves a ring around its star. Huge cloud of material detected around the planet containing elements never before detected on an exoplanet. It has much more methane than water vapor. It may produce shock waves as it plows through its star's stellar wind (the first evidence of shocks around an exoplanet, like Earth and Saturn's bowshocks), possibly produced by a strong planetary magnetic field. This could protect its atmosphere from being stripped away. It could have a diamond core and other terrestrial planets in system would have black spots on them and also be carbon based.

WASP-12 System Web Pages

WASP-12 System In the News

Hottest Exoplanet Transit Detected (2008)

Planet Confirmed to be Fastest and Hottest (Oct 2008)

Planet Being Stretched and Inflated (2010)

Planet Being Devoured (2010)

First Carbon-Rich Exoplanet (Dec 2010)

Planet Produces Shock Waves (Apr 2011)

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