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Contains second planet discovered by WASP program. This planet is a rather heavy transiting planet, has a large rocky core, and conforms to present models (in contrast to WASP-1). One of the 6 out of 27 planets analyzed by the WASP team found to orbit backwards around its star in 2010. Shows signs of atmospheric blow-off.

WASP-2 System Web Pages

WASP-2 System In the News

Discovery (Sep 2006)

Precise Mass and Radius Calculated (Oct 2006)

One of six Retrograde Exoplanets (2010)

WASP-2 System Fun Links

Planet b Star Factoids

  • 2nd Star discovered by the WASP program
  • The most massive nearby transiting exoplanet at the time of its discovery

Map of WASP-2 System

0.00 AU - WASP-2
x.xx AU - <periapsis/semi-major-axis/apapsis of sample planet>
x.xx AU - <habitability zone/stability zone/disk feature positions>

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