Gamemasters and Players: Should you happen to see something here that you can improve upon, please feel free to do so.

Here's a listing of every game played/suggested in the Temple to date, in alphabetic order.

Game Name Gamemaster System Open Slots Notes
Breath of Fire artemi BESM d20 3 of 6
Cursed Raven Darkmage 2003 Freestyle 2 of ?
Final Fantasy VII: Iconoclasm eunhathes Freestyle 3 of 6 Closed
Heavens High celest
Left Hand of Fate
Mission Accepted: Legion Antaeus/artemi Shortsword (Longsword Variant)
Mission Accepted Season X Antaeus Longsword Closed
Order of the Twelve Willows eunhathes Tri-Stat dX 5 of 6
Politics Lylie Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) 2 of 6
Something Marvel-ous
Spirits of Mana: The Holy Sword
Star Trek: Remnant Atreides Conscript Freestyle
The Hatter's Sabbat The Hatter Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) Closed
The Silver Blade
Twilight of Evenstar II eunhathes AD&D Second Edition 6 of 7
Urban Dead RPG
Worldcage eunhathes Freestyle, Systemwide X of 41 Hiatus

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