WFC Comedy 1997 Commercials

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Part 1

  • Taco Bell 1997 Commercial
  • GEICO 1997 Commercial
  • Nick Jr ID - Eygptian Dance
  • Nick Jr Face Meets Charlie Brown
  • Peanuts Intro
  • Peanuts Credits
  • Nick Jr Face meets Birtha the Birthday Cake Messes Up
  • Goodwill 1997 Commercial
  • Nick Jr ID - Rock n Roll
  • Nick Jr Face sings Yes/No Opera (Little Bear Version)

Part 2

  • Nick Jr ID - Rabbits
  • Nick Jr Face says What Time is it?
  • Looney Tunes Intro
  • Borders 1997 Commercial
  • Goodwill 1997 Commercial
  • Winnie the Pooh VHS Commercial

Part 3

  • Blue's Clues Credits
  • Nick Jr Logo - Birds
  • Nick Jr Face Announces Jungle Boogie
  • Jungle Boogie - Frightened
  • Nick Jr Face does the Opposites
  • Taco Bell 1997 Commercial
  • Tom and Jerry Promo
  • Kmart 1997 Commercial

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