The World of Euphorica is a rich and full world spanning seven continents, several islands, and two oceans. Euphorica provides several areas for players to explore and adventure in.

Players begin in the great city of Goodhope, on the continent of Eldasia, where the Elder once ruled according to legend. From here one may choose to join the Adventurer's Guild, rise through the ranks of the Royal Republic or perhaps become a Champion Knight. For those who wish leave the city, there are many places to visit, including the neighboring towns of Fairhaven, Hollowmere and Silverdust. There are also many other adventures to be had in the area surrounding the city. Rumors of fierce Dragons atop the Dragon Peaks offer brave adventurers a quick route to fame and fortune. The evil Chaos Hordes stage raids on the villages of Outland and Ridge and must be stoped. The Evergreen Forest west of Goodhope hides many secrets as well, including an ancient temple with ruins of a mysterious portal, built by wise elves.

Once you have gained a bit more confidence and experience you may wish to venture even farther outwards, perhaps travel the Wading River. From there are routes to many corners of the world, including the barbarian lands of Waar, and the jungles of Amizonia.

Travelling across the Stormy Sea to the savage coast of Maiden, many adventurers stop in Rodinia, the greatest city in those parts of the world. From there, many opportunities await, such as the legendary Block Castle, and the Mystic Pyramids located deep in the Prehistoric Plains. Players may even explore rumors of an entrance to a vast subterrian, known as the Underworld, in the near by area.

For those wishing to travel the oceans, there are many adventures to be had. Danger and intreage await as thieving pirates and greedy members of the Trade Barony fight for control of the seas. Then there are rumors of the lost Islands of Ed and ships vanishings in the misty Golf of Vargese.

This is just a sample of the many places players can visit and adventure in. Follow the links below to view lists of campaigns and adventures, and their recommended levels.

World of Euphorica

the game world.


capital city of the Royal Republic.


one of Euphorica's seven continents.

The Elder

supreme beings who creating the Enlightened Races.

Adventurer's Guild

guild dedicated to aiding adventures.

Royal Republic

ruling government of Eldasia.

Champion Knights

order of heroes that guard and protect the Royal Republic and its interests.


town east of Goodhope.


town south of Goodhope.


town north of Goodhope.


giant reptilelike creatures, usually winged, with magical or unusual abilities.

Dragon Peaks

rumored location of the last known dragons.

Chaos Hordes

group of evil creatures created by the Dark Light.


small farming settlement on the eastern border of the Republic.


small village on the north-eastern border of the Republic.

Evergreen Forest

large forest west of Goodhope, home to Eldasia's native elves.

Wading River

major river that run through Eldasia.


one of Euphorica's seven continents west of Eldasia.


large area of jungle in the central region of Waar.

Stormy Sea

large sea that lies between Eldasia and Maiden.


one of Euphorica's seven continents south of Eldasia.


large port city located on the coast of Maiden.

Block Castle

ancient castle in the northern region of Maiden.

Mystic Pyramids

group of pyraminds in the Prehistoric Plains of Maiden.

Prehistoric Plains

area ocupied by prehistoric creatures in southern Maiden.


series of subterrianian tunnels and corridors created by the Dark Light.

Trade Barony

group of barons that regulate and control trade throughout most of the world.

Islands of Ed

chain of islands located in the Prime Ocean.

Golf of Vargese

region of the Capital Ocean in which a number of ships have disappeared.

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