WRBB is the student-run campus radio station of Northeastern, broadcasting at 104.9 FM at a power of around 20 watts. It is a "Class D" educational licensed station.

The station tends to play more popular music rather than "college music" or underground bands, though there have been periodic radio shows specializing in different music styles.

Due to the station's signal propagation, it is received strongly in the Roxbuy neighborhood south of the campus, and provides some programming for this traditionally strong and active African-American community.

The station began as unlicensed AM station WNEU, transmitting into two residence halls via the electrical wiring. It became a broadcast station as WRBB on 91.7 FM, moving to the current 104.9 FM in 1970.

The station's northwards propagation is affected by 104.9 FM WBOQ in Gloucester, formerly classical power-station WBACH, now "North Shore 104.9". This causes it poor reception even on parts of the university campus.

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