Wacky Races/The Big Comfy Couch is a FL parody series featuring characters from Wacky Races and audio from The Big Comfy Couch


  • Penelope Pitstop as Loonette
  • Hilda (From D&M) as Molly
  • Brenna Bubbles (A Fan-character made by BorisFangirl) as Auntie Macassar
  • Peter Pefect as Uncle Chester
  • Sawtooth as Major Bedhead
  • Private Meekly as Snicklefritz
  • Red Max as Roberto the Dancing Rag Doll
  • Rock Slag as Fuzzy
  • Gravel Slag as Wuzzy
  • Contruction Vehicles as The Foley Family
  • Thomas & Friends Characters as The Storybook Characters

More Coming Soon

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