Wacky Races/The Railway Series are parodies with The Railway Series audio and Wacky Races clips.


  • Sawtooth as Thomas
  • Peter Perfect as Edward
  • Blubber Bear as Henry
  • Rufus Ruffcut as Gordon
  • Red Max as James
  • Private Meekley as Percy
  • Professor Pat Pending as Toby
  • Lazy Luke as Duck
  • Rock & Gravel as Donald & Douglas
  • Elmer as Oliver
  • Dick Dastardly as Diesel
  • Big Gruesome as Bill
  • Little Gruesome as Ben
  • Sgt. Blast as BoCo
  • Muttley's Girlfriend as Daisy
  • The Female Alligator as Mavis
  • Parker Perfect (from Wacky Races Forever Pilot) as Stepney
  • Yankee Doodle Pigeon (from D&M) as Bertie
  • Rug Bug Benny as Skarloey
  • Willy as Rheneas
  • Danny as Sir Handel
  • Ring-a-Ding as Peter Sam
  • Kurby as Rusty
  • Mac as Duncan
  • Clyde as Duke
  • The Announcer as Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller
  • Sheriff Sam as Jememiah Jobling
  • The General (from D&M) as The Barber
  • The Role-Playing Pigeon (from D&M) as Bulgy
  • The Mad Scientist (from D&M) as George
  • Chug-a-Boom as Caroline
  • Muttley as Scruffey
  • PoPP Narrator as The Thin Controller
  • Dippy (A Fan-Character) as Stanley/No. 2
  • The Sea Captain (from D&M) as Bulstrode
  • Dread Baron (from Laff-a-Lympics) as The Diesel/D261
  • Ann & Clair (Fan-Characters) as Annie & Clarabel
  • Patricia Pending (A Fan-Character) as Henrietta
  • Log Cars as Coaches
  • Alligators as The Troublesome Trucks
  • Mumbly (from The Mumbly Cartoon Show) as The Spiteful Breakvan

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