Wacky races/The further adventures of superted is a parody with Wacky races pictures and The further adventures of superted sounds.

The cast is:

  • Mutley as Superted
  • Peter perfect as Spotty
  • Clyde as Texas pete
  • Private meekly as Bulk
  • Zilly as Skeleton
  • Barney from the flintstones as Bubbles the clown
  • Sergeant blast as Dr. frost
  • Clunck as Penguin man
  • The hooded claw as Prince pyjamarama
  • Little gruesome as Mufti
  • Yankee doodle pigeon as Prince rajeash
  • The little boy as Billy
  • Dastardly as Billy's father

All footage and audio belongs to hanna-barbera

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