Cast (Do Not Delete, But you Can Add)

  • Johnnie Fenton as Thomas, both are Blue & Young
  • Darwin Bracelet as Edward
  • Bennie Hedzamban as Henry, both are Green
  • Ralph Cracoliezos as Gordon, Both are Blue & Big
  • Geoffrey Juabinciel as James, both are Red
  • Toad Hernandez as Percy, both are Green & Best Friends to Thomas & Johnnie
  • Pedro Elvis "Lhinpsy" Harveys as Toby, both are Old
  • Cubby Patterson II/Thin Cubby as Duck
  • Buck Dados as Donald
  • Ronaldo Huddles Larthio as Douglas
  • Byron Borynitch as Oliver, both are Green
  • Hector Burrintune as Diesel, both are Black & Devious
  • Rudy Spookson as Bill
  • Cubby Patterson III/Small Cubby as Ben
  • Kenneth Gogoburgo as BoCo
  • Jessi Darling as Mavis
  • Louie Lanselot as Stepney
  • Melissa Furington as Emily
  • Alaric Naterhood as Bertie
  • Gerald Bagsville as Salty, both are Pirates
  • Cubby Patterson I/Fat Cubby as Harvey
  • Big Dilmin as Iron 'Arry
  • Diego Brookerina as Iron Bert
  • Brad Gostrastiogh as Splatter

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