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Wake On LAN Configuration in Windows XP

1. Open Control Panel->Network Connections

2. Right Clck You LAN adapter and click Properties.

3. Click Configure

4. In the Advanced tab, change the settings for Wake on Link and Wake on Magic Packet accordingly, if they are available.

5. Click OK, and then OK again. Don't restart.

6. Shut down and check if the network card lights are still lit. If not try upgrading the drivers.

Waking a Computer Remotely with WOL

In order to wake a shut-down computer with WOL properly configured, you need a program that can send the proper packets over your network. The following programs do this:

   * LANDesk Client Manager, revision 3.10 or later, by Intel. This software comes with most WOL-compliant motherboards.
   * Magic Packet by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). This software is a free download from AMD.

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