Wallace Aravia is a student at the Academy of Magic. He serves as one of Yugure's apprentices in the AoM Hospital Ward, along with his girlfriend Nayana Ibariki. He is Nayana's sensei in the ways of shamanry.


Wallace was born in Tokyo, and orphaned at an early age. He was found on the streets by a man by the name of Sivius Aravia, who took him in as his son and apprentice. Sivius became a father figure to Wallace, as well as a role model. It was then that his powers as an Itako, or spirit summoner, first came into light.

When Wallace was 13 years old, Sivius was murdered by a lone gunman, who escaped for the time being. Losing Sivius weighed heavily on Wallace's heart. He abandoned shamanry, took up the last name of Aravia, and went to roam the world.

His travels led him around the world, but he returned to Japan two years later. There, on the outskirts of his hometown of Tokyo, he came to a town called Shorotei, where he met the love of his life, a schoolgirl named Nayana Ibariki. The same Nayana Ibariki who would later work alongside him at the AoM Hospital Ward.

It seemed like a whirlwind romance, but once again, tragedy had to intervene. Namely, Nayana was led away to the bad side of Tokyo by an old friend, despite Wallace's warnings, where she was shot three times. When her assailant escaped Wallace's powers, Wallace suffered the heartbreak of having Nayana die in his arms. He went back to roving after the funeral.

A year later, he was traveling when Sivius's murderer came for him. Just as the curtains were about to fall, he was saved by two of the Kamigawa, namely Yosei and Kokusho, representing his later colors. They told him to become a shaman again, and he would become great. Needless to say, he obeyed. Later, it is said that his usual exercises in shamanry, which centers around meditation, allowed him to tap into his mana, namely black and white.

Academy History

Wallace kind of got started on the wrong foot. His first friend, Eritta Wilacoth, and he got along well, but the shaman's bad timing on key moments caused Eritta to get snappish. However, the one thing he did get right was becoming Yugure's apprentice.

Wallace was killed during the attack of Nitara and Raiga on the Academy, and was resurrected by the Keepers. However, in the days following, he was beset by illusions of Eritta that caused him to basically get on Damien Wilacoth's blacklist. However, it was on that day that Nayana also came back to life.

They were displaced with the rest of the student body upon Arcanis's destruction, but to their location in the days following is unknown as of now.

Wallace's Powers

In addition to being a summoner, he is also an Itako, a spirit summoner shaman, an art usually taught by shamans from the northern regions of Japan. Wallace is skilled at summoning Hi'no'dama, human spirits in fireball form. They also act as a living shield when Wallace is beset by spiritual and supernatural abilities, excluding summoning. He can also communicate with spirits, often speaking in Kolik, the language of the shamans.

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