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  • Wallace as Peter
  • Gromit as Brian
  • Consuela as The Cooker
  • SeaBreeze as Fluffles

Piella as Meg Feathers McGraw as Stewie Lois as Wendolene The Giant Chicken as Preston Chris as Shaun The Sheep


A Cheesy Planet Flightless Foe Sheepish Parody Deathly Bakery


Peter-"Wendolene HATES CHEESE,IT'S WORST THAN HATING HANNAH MONTANA MOVIES!" Stewie-"Well at least I'm not like that dancing retard Mumble." Consuela-"I need more cheese pledge." Preston-"ALSTELA VISTA DOGGY, YOU ARE TERMINATED." Piella-"When Wallace lights that candle, he'll blow up AND THEN I WILL NOT BE A FAT CHICK!" Fluffles-"You are going down, down to BAKERY TOWN." Shaun-"Sorry no black sheep allowed inside." Brian-"Wallace you are such an ASSHOLE."

Minnor Cast

  • Bastment Rats
  • Police officers
  • Sheep herd
  • Dead Bakers
  • Parody Gag Characters

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