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  • Gromit as Thomas
  • Sid from Flushed Away as Edward
  • Fowler from Chicken Run as Henry
  • Victor as Gordon
  • Roddy St James from Flushed Away as James
  • Shaun the Sheep as Percy
  • Wallace as Toby
  • Piellia as Daisy
  • Wendoline as Mavis
  • Flufflies as Annie/Pip
  • Lady Tottington as Clarabel/Emma
  • Ginger as Henritta
  • Rabbits as Trucks
  • Paxton from Timmy Time as Bertie
  • Rocky from Chicken Run as Harold
  • Osboune from Timmy Time as Donald
  • Otus from Timmy Time as Douglas
  • 2 Twin Sheep as Bill and Ben
  • Bizter from Timmy Time as Duck
  • Timmy as Oliver

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