Wallace and Gromit and Friends is a British Children's Animated Television Series, first broadcast on July 2, 1988. It was created by Producers, Writers, Animators and Directors of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, TUGS, Fireman Sam, Joshua Jones and Pingu, Nick Park and Steve Box, made by Aardman Animations (the creators of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends and Pingu) and distributed by Aardman Animations, The Lyons Group, Lyrick Studios and ABC for Kids (the distributers of The Wiggles).

The Series is about a Enthusiastic, Steam Train building and designing and Tug Boat driving Inventor named Wallace who lives at the biggest and busiest Train Station at the Port called the West Wallabye Harbour Train Station with his Athropomorphic Canine Companion Gromit, his Wise-cracking Brother Pommer, all of his wonderful Friends and the largest Family he ever has.



  • Wallace Poggler - a young man who lives at the West Wallabye Harbour Train Sation.
  • [[
  • Victor Quartermath - a pompous, vain, upper bounder.
  • [[
  • Wayne Frammer - a charismatic train driver.
  • [[
  • Edward Windfall - a pompous owner of the West Wallabye Harbour Train Station.
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  • Wendolene Ramsbottom - a woman who works at a local Train School.
  • Anne Reid voices Wendolene.
  • Lady Tottington - a wealthy aristocratic spinster with a keen interest in both vegetable-growing and animals.
  • Helena Bonham Carter voices Lady Tottington.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mulch - 
  • Dicken Ashworth and Liz Smith voice Mr. and Mrs. Mulch respectivaly.



  • Gromit - 
  • [[
  • Preston - 
  • [[
  • Hutch -
  • [[
  • Feathers McGraw -
  • [[
  • Pingu

Other Characters

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