Wallybob Beetlepants Opening Scene

Wally in his own parody opening

Wallybob Beetlepants is a parody with Spongebob Squarepants audio and clips/pictures from Codename: Kids Next Door.


Wally = Spongebob

Joey = Gary

Hoagie = Patrick

Abigail = Squidward

Heinrich = Squilliam (Heinrich and Squilliam are both Rivals To Numbuh 5 and Squidward, They are both Voiced By Dee Bradley Baker)

Kuki = Sandy

Nigel = Mr. Krabs

Fanny = Plankton (she's better than the Toiletnator)

Mr. Boss = Karen (at least he's related)

Lizzie = Pearl

The Kid = Larry (see Ripped Pants to know why)

Rachel = Mrs. Puff (Krabs fell in love with her in the Krusty Love episode)

Mr. Uno = Mr. Krabs' grandfather (better than Grandfather)

Mrs. Uno = Betsy Krabs

Mr. & Mrs. Beetles = Mr. & Mrs. Squarepants

Toiletnator = Stanley (that's the only choice left for me)

President Jimmy = King Neptune

Anna = Mindy (trust me, perfect choice)

Sonya & Lee = Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy (DON'T ASK)

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