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This is ElmosWorld6Rule version of the Walter Lantz Cartoon.

Young Woody Woodpecker-Hammy (Over the Hedge)

Midage Woody Woodpecker-RJ (Over the Hedge)

Audult Woody Woodpecker-Tiger (Over the Hedge)

Young Winnie Woodpecker-Heather (Over the Hedge)

Audult Winnie Woodpecker-Stella (over the Hedge)

Andy Panda-Pup (Sea Level)

Poppa Panda-Julius (Sea Level)

Santirum Woodpeckers-Dolly and Mr.Pricklepants (Toy Story 3)

Little Girl Bird-Peaneolope (Toy Story 3)

Squirrel-Tiger (Elmo's World)

Horace N Buggy-Buttercup (Toy Story 3)

Policeman-Fatman (Sea Level)

Korny Kat-Lotso (Toy Story 3)

Wally Walrus-Murray (Sea Level)

Buzz Buzzard-Murray (Valiant)

Chilly Willy-Peaty (Toy Story 3)

Knot head and Splinter-Robin and Elmo (Elmo's World)

Gabby Gator-Wolf (Teachers Pest)

Mrs.Meany-Tweety (Chicken Run)

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