Wanderings of Lanmao is a Chinese anime television series airing in CCTV in August 14, 2012. The show is currently running. An English version was produced by MoonScoop Entertainment. The English dubbed version aires on The Hub daily on 2 PM, also on Kabillion on-demand service. The first season ended with 13 episodes. A second season has been commisioned but only ten episodes will be produced as the show is ending due to lack of money.


Based on the comical "Sanmao" tales, the cartoon is about an orphaned boy named Lanmao who lives with his grandfather Tien Kwan who helps him practice karate. The cartoon features many classical adventures and funny scenes.


  • Lanmao: Voice of Sam Vincent (English). A starving orphan boy who is learning to fend for himself with the help of his grandfather, Tien Kwan.
  • Shi Shui/Shen: Voice of Jamil Walker Smith (English). Lanmao's best friend who has his haircut in a coconut shape and he often gets him out of trouble.
  • Lu Yun/Lily: Voice of Kether Donahue (English). Lanmao's crush and female friend who pops up in every where. Kether also plays another character named Lily in Kappa Mikey but she's mean instead of nice.
  • Lei Weifeng/Lei Wrong: Voice of Dan Green (English). A street rat who helps the gang for a small fee of two yuans (Chinese currency; English version: chocolate coins). Lei is mostly a coward.
  • Xiao Senfeyun/Mr. Peemish: Voice of Sean Schemmel (English). An elderly man who runs a grocery store and gives advice to the neighborhood kids. He is also myopic, can't see without his glasses.
  • Buddha/Beudoxx: Voice of Kevin Richardson (English). The god of the cartoon who grants Lanmao mystical weapons for doing good deeds and is the protector of the world. In the English version, he is renamed as Beudoxx (pronounced: buttocks) to remove religious elements.
  • Kurosaki: Voice of Leo Howard (English). A teenage fighter who is the main antagonist of the series. Being the only main character of Japanese descent (most of the characters are Chinese), he has mastered karate and has many fighting techniques.
  • Togo Twins: Voice of Dylan & Cole Sprouse (English). Two twins who accompany Kurosaki and they cause mischief.


A crossover with Japanese-Mexican animated series Bruno was made titled "Sailing to Chinaisland Part II". In that episode, Bruno tries to sale to Chinaisland to look for a golden ham sandwich but after a storm hit, instead of Chinaisland, he goes to a Chinese neighborhood where he meets Lanmao who are trying to defeat Kurosaki.

Guest stars: The Aquabats, Janice Kawaye, Doug Erholtz, Sam Vincent, Jamil Smith, Kether Donahue, Leo Howard, Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse

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