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Wanderlust and Vagabonds:Tales From The Road And Other Pancake Syrups

A mix between a fact based reality wiki collecting the sordid tales of various individuals and the mythologized tales that spin off from them.


To create a fictional world that is rooted very much in reality. Everyone has crazy stories from their lives, and watching them interact is guaranteed to be interesting. As the project develops the lines between fiction and reality will blur as real life characters, who seem so unreal are mistaken for fiction and fictional characters that are so well developed seem like actual people.


  • Each user is to include stories from their life that are bizarre, interesting, or anything along those lines. The goal is to create a cache of larger than life characters, odd locations, and unbelievable events. From these real life experiences other users can create new characters, new locals and new events based in, around, or on the various existing articles.
  • Example 1-The character of Andrew Johnstone is created. Based on the information provided in his article another user can create an event article revolving around that character, or even describe a place that he would frequent.
  • Example 2-An event is created that involves a minor character or a place that is not well described. Another user can create an entire article based on the minor character or the place, which can then be turned into more articles.
  • Articles must pertain to a person, a place, an event or a significant object...basically anything.
  • Each article must be stranger than fiction if it is real and realer than reality if it is fiction. Confused? Tell the craziest stories that you know from your life experiences and come up with something that could potentially happen when you create a story.
  • References are not necessary, and in fact are probably a bad idea as you may well tip someone off that what you're writing is fiction. However if you create something and reference it hat is off to you.
  • Actual facts are also not necessary. When describing an article the important thing is to describe it from your perspective, not from an objective one. A good story teller speaks from his or her own voice, adding the kind of flavor that makes the story more interesting. As articles develop and multiple perspectives start speaking on the same subject then the result could be more interesting than real facts.


Don't do anything related to promoting right now. If you are aware of this page, keep it under your hat till we have something to work with.

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