Please mail me with updates in your respective areas of responsibility. I've also including those that could not attend (so speak up if you don't like what you got saddled with). Any questions to me, or comment, reply all.

Rules of thumb:

keep costs low (in fact please approve through me), don't go too crazy with effort (the party goers will take care of the fun), aim your suggestions to the appropriate owners

Event night roles:

(starting positions, we'll shift, just make sure "someone" is manning your post before you leave it)

Kitchen - Tim, Iryna, Larry

Door - Laurie Eric, Sharon

AV - John, Steve

Floaters - Catherine, Nancy

Decorations/interactive/signage - Naomi, Janey, (Dawn)

Loading and setup - all

Cleaning and teardown - all except those leading after party plans

Pre-party roles (general and specific):

*indicates point person (ie send your suggestions to them)

Kitchen - Tim*, Iryna, Larry (ensure we have some cups, napkins, ice, etc.)

AV/presentations - John, Steve*, Eric (secure gear, prep presentation material

Decorations/Interactive - Dawn* (construction and idea gatherer)

Prizes - Laurie*, Larry, Tim (arrange solicitation and pickup of prizes)

Wandie Awards - Naomi* (construction of prizes)

Signage and Name Tags - Janey* (please come up with way to identify party staff)

Music- Steve (re-using last year's mostly), submissions in mp3 format welcome

Determine Flickr contest winners - Tim to decide process and categories (hopefully we'll have prizes…)done

Feature slideshow - Eric/John we are working on it

Money Box - Steve

Background slideshow/sponsors - Steve

Graphics - John

Keys on the 16th before 430 - Janey

List of local "after party" venues - Tim (are we going to make a map?)

Door Prizes:

We decided on 10 but I think we may want to lower than number, your call team but I say make it 5-7 MAX over $25 in value including the ones we have already. I forgot to mention we have limited webspace. It’s a lot of work dealing with these people AFTER the event, the links etc. FYI. Also be aware picking up prizes can be the biggest hassle, and that sometimes shipping is a factor so pls start soon. Hitting up last year's people probably the fastest. Always follow up by phone, it seems to almost double your chances.

Prizes we have: Ziptrek $200, 5 smaller Pristine prizes (pickup still required), $155 Canoe rental western Canoe and Kayak, Our community bikes prize, Canada West Mountaineering School $225,

Can anyone make a pickup during business hours in the PoCo area?

Companies to steer clear of: MEC, Deakin, any othe kayak outfitters, Hennessey Hammocks,, lululemon, backroads mapbook,

Suggested: a bike prize, maybe 1 yoga, Siggies, 1 mountain ski pass, climbing prize Follow-up from last year (otherwise please don’t if on that list Laurie): Our community bikes, Howe Sound Brew pub, maybe 1 of the ski mountains (pick best), 1 of the yoga place (pick best), the Edge, Lululemon, Coast Mountain sports

Wandie Awards:

These are recognition awards (ie rewards unto themselves, not prize needed, just an award or cert.). We discussed categories but some ideas came after as the group got smaller. Noone gets 2 prizes


1- Organizer of the Year - (Steve keeping tally)

2- Best Public Transit Organizer (Sv to put forth nominees from callouts on record)

3- Best Education Organizer (Sv to put forth nominees from callouts on record)

4- We'd like to let the moderator committee or core organizers nominate a category - it probably will relate to drivers

5- "Members Choice Award", I love this idea, I think it will add some humour (most of the old awards used to be funny ones only) In an effort to make this interactive, and stimulate activity on Facebook, we'll throw it out to the Facebook group to somehow come up with a category, and nominate a winner. We may have to be flexible with this. We can post the best suggestions.


700pm Setup

8pm Doors

830pm 2006 Slideshow

9pm 2007 Slideshow, AGM, Wandies, door prizes

11pm close/clean


$10 per person, $5 for those bringing boots, potluck, or both (no if the bring both they don’t come free)

We also will blitz people with the fact Wanderung is free so feel free to donate more so we can secure better party venues and have more finacially ambitious goals in the future. I can come up with wording of these.

Interactive wall "art", icebreaker, decoration thingies

I think there was 4 spots for these, does anyone remember? I have thick black markers.


Wishlists for 2008 trips (we can seed this with examples)

After party destinations and meeting spots (somehow in a call-out format if we want to get fancy?)

Step by step, how to make a callout. Including the "myths" of call-outs?

Keep the ideas rolling!

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