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Rental and starting point:

Sechart is ONLY accessible by boat.
Toquart Bay is accessible by car, but all boats must be brought in, along a 30km dirt road.

>>> This is looking like the best option.
We can simply drive to Toquart Bay where the kayaks will be delivered to us. We will not need to stop and attach kayaks to any cars etc.
Comox Valley Kayaks [1]
Don wrote (John) back and quoted either $200 each way or $400 each way. I'll get this confirmed, hopefully it's $200 each way.
Don from Comox Kayaks will deliver "all the kayaks" whatever combo of singles and doubles we rent from Comox to Toquart Bay. We will need to rent from them though.
Rates are very reasonable.

kayaks daily / weekly rate
glass double $320 / $35
glass single $210 / $25

please note you can also rent the following items as well. Please note A WET SUIT SHOULD BE a requirement.
Vhf radio are not needed. There will be one or two VHF's on the trip
Sat phone is definitely not needed
If you are serious about getting into Kayaking, please think about getting a VHF marine radio like this.</br>

daily / weekly rate
Cart (Kayak/Canoe ) $5 $25
Compass & Chart Case 2 $9
Dry Bag $1 $5
Dry Suit (Breathable- unisex) $29 $79
Paddle (Comes free with Kayak rental) $5 $20
Roof Racks $19 $39
Sail (Kayak Sail - double or single sizes) $5 $19
Sat. Phones ($500 deposit) Available Next Door to the Campbell River Location - $50
Trailer $19 $75
VHF Radio & Flares (AA batteries not incl.) $5 $19
Wetsuit $5 $19

Port Alberni Outpost [2]
Renting kayaks from Toll Free: 1 800 307-3982 Port Alberni Outpost is
$45 / $30 each day after for singles
$65 / $40 each day after for doubles

A trailer costs
$25 / day
$150 / week

A roof rack which can hold 3 singles or 1 double and 1 single costs
$8 / day
$40 / week

We can take the kayaks from Port Alberni Outpost and put them directly onto the Lady Rose Marine Service.
In my opinion (john) this is expensive and will add 2 nights of land camping at the beginning and end of the trip.

Lady Rose Marine Passenger Service from Lady Rose Marine full detail here [[3]] First and last day of rental count as half a day each. Some exceptions apply. Rentals include personal flotation devices (children should bring their own to ensure exact fit), paddles, spray skirts, pumps and rescue lines for kayaks. Clients should bring their own compass and chart as weather conditions in Barkley Sound can change suddenly and unexpectedly. Charts are available for purchase in our Port Alberni office, onboard our ships or at Sechart Lodge. Rental clients are responsible for their own camping equipment and food supplies.

Freight charges, if you are bringing your own kayak or canoe, are extra. For a two-person kayak or canoe the fee is $35.00. For a one person kayak the fee is $25.00. Freight rates are based on round trip passage starting from either Port Alberni or Ucluelet. Tax extra.

If you are reserved for travel from Port Alberni to the Broken Group, plan on being at our dock in Port Alberni by 6:45 in the morning. If you are traveling from Ucluelet to the Broken Group, please be at the wharf located at the bottom of Main Street in Ucluelet by 1:00 in the afternoon on scheduled sailing days. From either location if you are bringing you own kayaks do not load any items in your kayaks as they are hand passed on and off our ship. We will provide loading bins for your personal gear and camp equipment. The bins are about 3 feet square and 3 feet high so normally they can accomodate all of your items. Plan on taking your own drinking water with you into the Islands. You can fill your containers at our dock in Port Alberni before boarding the ship if you have not already done so.
Sechart rental Seaward double Southwind Kayak $40 / day
Sechart rental Seaward single Navigator, Vision or Tyee Kayak $55 / day

Empress Water Taxi 1 250 720-6775 (note this is a new phone number, on the web it's wrong) VERY EXPENSIVE around $680 EACH way.
'''This is probably out of the question now'''
Drive to port alberni, have alberni outpost drop off the rented kayaks for us at the Port Alberni Dock, we leave by Empress Water Taxi at around 2PM and end up camping the same day in the broken group. Same goes for pickup, we can create a custom location and time. Communication via VHF marine radio will allow for some leeway as well.

I've also enquired about a custom transport from Port Alberni to "somewhere" in the broken group for 8 people 6 kayaks and gear for drop off and pickup.


6 to 8 people, 2 or 3 cars, 1 or 2 double kayaks, 4 to 5 hours paddling max./day

Tent space is very limited, partner up if possible.

Group meals unless you have many allergies, restrictions (in which case, you are on your own).

Pack small, do not fill water containers.

Late starts on crossing days are NOT an option. Major hazards.

There is NO water in area, we might need up to 20litres per paddler with us, start saving pop bottles, consider this with cooking and washing.

There is little to no firewood at this time of year. Take some of our own or get some from Sechart on the pub run?!


Estimates (will confirm as we get closer to trip):

Gas for 360km round trip (30)per person

Campsites $40 pp

Ferry $40 pp round trip

Car park $13 pp

Rentals ~$220

Food ~$80 to 100? You will pay for the meals you are responsible for (am following the example of a guided tour group to the Broken Islands... worked fabulously, keeps group together and we will eat very well!)

Tentative Itinerary:

Sightseeing Hitlist:

Benson Island blowhole

Jaques Is. Lagoon Indian fishing traps

Visit to Sechart for water, possibly pub?


Start Sunday August 17th, 2008 leave Horseshoe Bay 8:30 am

Arrive Nanaimo 10:05am

Paddle to Hand Island?

Kayak Days:

Resupply at Sechart in middle for water

Pub lunch in Sechart!?

Finish Sun Aug 24,2008 Leave early start Seachart

Return boats to Port Alberni

Catch late ferry to Vancouver 7:30PM 9:05PM 9:35PM

Group Gear:

Safety & Navigation

-GPS (John)

-VHF Radio (John)

-Rec charts

-tow pigtail

-real charts

-boat repair

-strobe light - handy for the dance party... (fog crossings)


-water filter drops (?) THIS IS NEEDED

-first aid kit

-SAFETY WARNINGS: is there is anything we need to cater for (diabetes/epilepsy/alergies).

Camping -20' x 30' Tarp (John)

-large cooking pots (John)

-hatchet (John)

-tents arrange with your partner


-stoves and fuel (what kind)

-bigger stove

-large cooking pots (John)

-group cooking utensils

-group cooking gear

-small fry pan/boiler

-SK/teflon fry pan

Spare Gear:

Questions to be answered:


Kayaking the Broken Group Islands on Canada's West Coast, Pacific Rim ...
By Jean-Francois (JF) Marleau [4]

Tide chart for Broken Group Island -- Effingham: [5]

Lady Rose may rent kayaks? Website at [6]

BC Ferries Horseshoe Bay Departure Bay Schedule in Effect: July 29, 2008 to September 1, 2008 [7]

-red tide situation [8]

-use this map to locate coordinates for red tide [9]

BROKEN GROUP ISLANDS parcs canada [10]

Gear List you can use to check off what you have / need / borrow / share [11]

nice pretty map of broken group [12]

misc. photos from 2007 wanderung kayaking trip [13]

Broken Island info 1. at Google, click on images and type in broken island group, and you will get plenty of photos, trip summaries, guide comments, maps, and other related information.

Below is a pasted copy of Al Schafer's itenarary. It's just to pick some ideas from.

Gov't Website

Barkley Sound Kayak Trip

75km from Port Alberni to Toquart turnoff

According to the warden, the #1 reason for medical evacuations is stomach sickness. WASH YOUR HANDS.

To avoid the crowds ask the concessionaire that collects camping fees how many campers are at other islands. Ecomarine camps on Keith Island for 5 days. Fri, June 2 – first regularly scheduled ferry to Broken G

$9/person camping, collected each morning. Takes Cash, Visa & Mastercard.

INNER ISLANDS David Island Single file passage behind David Island was all the more beautiful by contrast. Here the shallow water was crystal clear, unlike the churned up outer waters of the sound. Bat stars, and anemones lined the bottom Sechart Lodge If you are out in the park for a long trip, it's nice to come here and have a shower and load up on water. Showers cost $1 for three minutes. 800-663-7192 (during office hours) Alma Russell Islands Houseboats in Julia passage Pinkerton Islands One of the highlights of the paddling on our Broken Islands trip, this area paddles along some of the Vancouver Island coastline and it isn’t uncommon on this day to see black bears along the coast, lifting up rocks and eating the small crab underneath. Hand Closest to Toquart – 2 hr paddle. Great swimming. Benson Great camping on East side, better than at the point. Running water from a hose above the campground. Campground, grassy meadow Check out the tidal pools. The most memorable was the Benson Island trip where we toured an archeological dig Follow the trail from the orchard to the other side of Benson Island. If the seas are right you will be treated to a 50 foot blowhole. Dodd Recommended by Ecomarine. Nice sunrise and sunset. Has lagoon. Whales spotted here. Hike around perimeter Willis Nice beach campsite Jarvis & Jacques At low tide the lagoon is a potpourri of sea life Tiny Group The shallow aqua blue waters are dotted with small islands with white shell beaches. Dempster White sand beach on NE Side Explore the large sea caves on the southwest side OUTER ISLANDS Turrett Campground is busy – not recommended. Lovett Lunch spot on east side Clark Best beach and campsite (large enough 50). Intertidal zone on opposite side of campsite. Gibraltar Batstars off campsite. Sea caves, forest walk. Campsite can be noisy as popular with divers. Effingham Dark and dingy campsite. Water Source.

Meares Bluff on Effingham Island - hike across the east end of the island to the abandoned Indian village. The trail is a 10 – 15 minute easy hike and is marked by pink/red pieces of tape tied to trees. The abandoned Indian site is a beautiful location—pretty much the only beach on all of Effingham Island. Abandoned Indian village site at the beautiful beach on the northeast side of Effingham Island. The remains of several longhouses can still be seen.

Dicebox Go at low tide. once the site of a Nuu-chah-nulth village and also is a fine place for exploring tide pools. Wouwer Sea lion colony.

The BGI Warden Station is located on floats in a bay adjacent to Nettle Island, due north of the Gibraltar Island campsite.

Paddlers are asked to stay away from sea caves during the June to August breeding season.

Water Taxi Based at Sechart, 42 foot skiff is equipped to transport you, your kayaks and gear from Toquart Bay or Bamfield into the Broken Group Islands or to our Lodge. (250) 720-7358 Arrangements for transportation can also be made in person at Sechart Lodge or at any of the Broken Group Islands campsites. Toquart Bay to: Clark or Effingham Island $45.00 per person Sechart to: Clarke or Effingham Island $40.00 per person

DAY 1: From Vancouver, board a morning ferry to Duke Point on Vancouver Island. After a two-hour ferry ride, you will drive four hours across Vancouver Island through old growth Douglas Fir and breathtaking vistas to Toquart Bay, our launching point and campsite for the first night.

DAY 2: Launch the kayaks for a paddle to Hand Island. Paddle through the Stopper Islands where you'll visit Old Growth Rainforests.

- Set up camp on Hand Island where you may encounter artifacts of past peoples such as an old donkey engine used for logging and ancient stone fish traps.

DAY 3: Spend the day exploring the beaches of Dodd and Turtle Islands and tidal pools teaming with sea life. Making a side trip to the Tiny Group Islands, you may see sea lions, seals, gray whales or porpoises. - Set up camp on Turret Island.

DAY 4: On this day, you can paddle as much or as little as you like. For a longer paddle, head out to Wouwer Island -- keep your eyes peeled for sea lions. If you're interested in a shorter trip, Benson Island -- site of an archaeologic dig in 2000 -- is a great place to look for gray whales. Return to your campsite on Turret for the evening.

DAY 5: Today you will depart for Jarvis and Jacques Islands. Here you can look for the infamous moon snails -- huge snails that display a unique protective egg-casing after burrowing in the sand. Or visit a sheltered lagoon, where you may find an ancient fish trap once used by the Nuu-Cha-Nulth people. After a full day of exploration you'll return to Hand Island for the last night.

DAY 6: After breakfast, pack up camp and paddle back to Toquart Bay for lunch. After a van trip back across the island and a ferry ride to Vancouver, the trip officially ends in the late afternoon.

Al Schaffer BARKLEY SOUND KAYAK CENTRE (403) 678-4102

Forest Service Road, FSR, Information

Forest Service Roads, FSR, Information:

Forest Service Roads are not constructed and maintained to the same standards as major public highways. Users should always drive according to the conditions and be prepared to take evasive action. Wash-outs, slides and blown-down trees can occur at any time and there may not be time and resources to post warning signs.

Please remember the following safety tips when traveling on Forest Service Roads:

  • Drive with your lights on at all times --- day and night.
  • Drive at a safe speed. You should always use caution and expect the unexpected. You must be able to stop safely in any emergency or in encountering unforeseen obstructions.
  • Use seat belts while traveling on Forest Service Roads
  • Please give logging trucks and other industrial traffic the right-of-way. Loaded logging trucks definitely have the right-of-weight! When you see a logging truck coming --- or any other heavy equipment --- get to a turn-out and let it by.
  • Obey all road signs but do not expect the same level of signing as on public highways
  • Taking large travel trailers on steep, rough, isolated and infrequently used roads can be dangerous. Loaded logging rigs can not back up steep grades so it is best to avoid the use of trailers on these roads
  • Logging trucks take up a lot of room and Forest Service Roads are built for their use. It is essential that logging trucks and fire-fighting equipment be able to proceed without delay. Don’t stop on the road surface to sight see or hunt. If you do stop, park well off the road

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