War is a webcomic series on Smackjeeves by a famous webcomic writer with a series of six panels apiece. The plot follows three conflicting sides: the heroes (Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Silver), the villains (Chaos, Bowser, Wart, Smithy, and Shadow Queen), and the robots (G-mel, Emerl, and Mecha Sonic).

Season 1


Sonic and Shadow are in space. They are apparently having a meeting. Shadow summons the seven Chaos Emeralds Sonic asks for. Before they can use them, four explosions happen, and G-mel appears, grabbing the purple, silver, and green Chaos Emeralds, along with Emerl, who grabs the cyan, red, and yellow Chaos Emeralds. The Blue Emerald unknowingly falls towards the planet below. Sonic and Shadow are knocked unconscious as the two conflicting robots teleport away.


Knuckles and Tails are waiting. Silver arrives, and informs that Mecha Sonic has escaped from an intense robot prison. Later, the blue Chaos Emerald falls to them, but before they can grab it, a blast from Mecha Sonic causes them to flinch, and Mecha Sonic grabs the Emerald.


Mario and Luigi are looking for the princess, when G-mel and Emerl arrive and start fighting.


Mecha Sonic lands on a platform and starts using his Emerald, meanwhile Emerl watches over Mario and Luigi as they head towards Wario and Waluigi.


Apparently, the plumbers formed a truce, but Emerl appears along with G-mel, and the battle begins. Mecha Sonic arrives and takes G-mel's emeralds, and turns into Semi-Super Mecha Sonic.


While the five Sonic folks rush for the Mushroom Kingdom, the battle between the bots goes on.


The battle hits the roof, while the Mario crew meets the Sonic crew and they unite to fight the robots.


Enter Bowser and Chaos. Chaos starts to fight Emerl, who copies Chaos's abilities. SSMS hits Bowser with a strong blast.


Knuckles manages to get rid of SSMS's Emeralds, turning him back to normal, but Chaos grabs them and turns into Chaos 4.


Mario interferes as Bowser fights Emerl, Bowser takes Emerl's Emeralds by scorching him as Mario jumps away. Bowser also scorches G-mel.


Bowser and downgraded Chaos, all 7 emeralds in tow, prepare to scram, but Mecha Sonic arrives. Bowser scorches him with a 7-emerald blast, and then slices Mecha Sonic in two.


Silver now tries to stop them, using his power to stun Bowser. Could Silver take victory?


The unconscious Bowser fuses with the Emeralds again, and does an eye-for-an-eye with Silver, doing what Silver did to him on Silver, going so far as copying his line.


Tails grabs Silver's unconscious body, as Chaos heads down the warp pipe, followed by Shadow, followed by Bowser, followed by the rest of the gang.


Shadow interferes Chaos and Bowser in their lair. Bowser uses Chaos Control on Shadow and a humorous talk between Chaos and Bowser happens.


As they continue to run, Mario jumps in, but Chaos uses a death move to almost kill Mario.


The Emeralds are fed to him, which is revealed to be Smithy, as the untimely Knuckles arrives, and gets blown up by Smithy. Bowser copies Mr. Frankenstein.


They also revive the Shadow Queen, who kills the invading Wario and Waluigi, who look like they want to simply talk.


Sonic, Tails, and Luigi talk. They're the last ones. Luigi tries to invade, but gets brutally murdered by the four peoples.


Apparently the villains revive Wart, and Tails gets killed. Sonic runs into the Warp Pipe, and Chaos follows.


In a special 9-panel strip, Sonic is almost killed, but suddenly some gay power ends up causing Sonic to kill Chaos.


As Chaos falls, the robots reboot themselves and unite.


Bowser and the three revived notice Sonic killed Chaos, but Sonic turns Super and attacks, while the robots attack Shadow Queen, Wart, and Smithy.

Season 2


Recently, it reveals that during the hiatus Mecha Sonic defeats G-mel, Emerl, Wart, Smithy, and Shadow Queen. With Chaos and Bowser already defeated, Mecha Sonic goes Super with the seven Chaos Emeralds. Just as Mecha obliterates Sonic, Mephiles appears and shoots Mecha, cutting him in two and leaving the bounty for Mecha Sonic.

The future of this comic is unknown... If it continues, a 23.2, 23.4, 23.6, and 23.8 are planned as interquels showing the robot battle, and Mecha Sonic's betrayal. Sonic will still be the last one standing, but now that Sonic has been killed off, Mephiles rises to power.

Chapters 24-46 chronologize Mephiles' rise to power and the power-hungry villain entourage to steal the Emeralds and take Mephiles' power. There's a small unity of villains that team up for the common goal, consisting of King K. Rool, Mecha Knuckles, and the Tails Doll. The trio succeeds in defeating Mephiles at around Chapter 35, but they begin to do what Mephiles did. In the second half of Season 2 and Season 3 the Kong Family strikes at the trio of power. In Season 2 they go on a quest to find the Triforce, and at the very end the supposedly dead Chaos and Bowser show up first. They drop a bomb in the Triforce cave and teleport away, and as the bomb ticks, the Kong Family is trapped and the season ends.

If successful, Season 3 will chronologize 47-69 (yeah, yeah) a possible hope for the heroes, as the Kong Family escape and win the Triforce back in a rather anticlimactic way. The Kong Family goes Super (no idea how he plans to do it) and attacks K. Rool, Tails Doll, and Mecha Knuckles. The season will end with the Emeralds and Triforce restored, but a glimmer of hope for the villains can lead to a possible Season 4.

And if successful still, the Season 4 (70-82) will have the Kong Family revive Mario and Sonic and their friends, but a timely appearance of Megaman and Protoman leads to a suspicion that their rivals and enemies Zero and Bass plan to start what the other villains started. Zero and Bass go it alone, becoming ultra-powerful with the Chaos Emerald and Triforce. The Kong Family, Mario's group, and Sonic's group leads to a seemingly all-villain world, but an unlikely unity of the two Robot Masters Megaman and Protoman, and the new recruit Falco save the world by almost destroying Bass and Zero, who teleport away.

Last but not least, Season 5 (83-100) has Bass and Zero arriving and going back in time to Chapter 1, and kill Sonic, Shadow, and then Emerl and G-mel. He kills off the heroes one by one, including the unseen heroes of Seasons 2 and 3 at the time of Season 1. They rise to power, and destroy all the lands, but towards the end, an unexpected and unconfirmed survivor challenges Bass and Zero for the final confrontation.

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