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I was thinking that a Wiki devoted to the soldiers that have fought and died in wars is needed. We have memorials that have names on a wall. We have alot of things that show the sacrifice men and woman have given, their life, for The United States of America. I would like to see pictures of the soldiers, their name, age and a bio of their life. I would also like to have info on soldiers who have been injured in war.

Can there be a web site that gives more information about our soldiers? Can there be more info other than 7 killed by roadside bomb. Who where they, what was their hobbies, what is the town like where they grew up, these and many questions flood my mind as I watch the daily news. Frustrated with it and wanting to know more I thought I would give this a try. I have done some searching on the internet but can't find anything but numbers and names, but nothing that brings to light about who these people were and what they were like. On PBS at the end of the news they devote some time as names with photo, but there has to be more to what these soldiers were as people and as soldiers. If there is already a wiki devoted to this or if you know of links please list them on the Main Menu page for this page will soon to be redone and used for more relevant info to this wiki.

I personally do not know anyone or have anyone in my family that fits this catagory. But I do strongly feel that there needs to be a place where news about loved ones hurt or killed in war can be read about with all respect. Frosted Sun

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