The War of the 5 Kindoms was a large war between the ruling states.

After Jin's collapse, many new states began to rise up, inclusing the Chu Dynasty, who attacked Jin before its fall. The Qin Dynasty, formed by Emperor Wuling from Jin, was the dominant state, but faced compition from Chu, a ressurected Jin, Song and the Yan Dynasty.


After Jin's exodus to the south, Qin controlled the east, from the capital Jian De. Chu controlled Shi in the south, from Cheng De. Yan, led by Cuo Fu, seized the north, and took Xu Xeng. Song took the North-West, controlling it from Xiang Xian. And finnaly Jin took the north-east, from Lu Leng.

Early Battles

Chu quickly mobilized to attack Qin. Wuling, ordered an army to Ton Fen to meet Qin. The two factions fought over the river. Chu eventually bested Qin, and seized the Central Lands, making it the most powerful state.

Cuo Fu of Yan, decided to attack the Central Lands, and attacked Ling Liang. Qin allied with Yan and participated. Chu was bested and retreated, but Yan attacked Qin, driving them back.

With Chu weakened, Song decided to stage a coup on Cheng De. Leading the attack personaly, Xiahou Fu captured the city. However, Chu troops, retreating from Ling Liang, began a siege, but eventually fell back to the southern capital of Cong Li.

Kong Fu Shi and Sun Bin

Kong Fu Shi, a strategist and descendant of the ledgendary, Kong Liang then rose up, selling his strategies to the states. However, Sun Bin, another strategist did the same. They eventually settled down in Chu and Qin respectivley.

Decline of Qin

Chu and Jin then both launched major offensives into Qin. Sun Bin managed to defeat Jin, even besieging their capital, but Chu gained a foothold in Qin.

Wuling the died. His son, Jiang Xiong, was not named sucsessor, so the rule of Qin fell to 6 ministers, including Sun Bin.

The ministers constantly qubbled, driving Qin apart, whilst they continually lost territory to Chu. Eventually, Sun Bin fled Jian De and moved to Lu Leng, with a number of loyal troops.

Jian De was then lost to Chu.

Fall of Song and Yan

Song then attacked Chu again, sezing Cong Li. Kong Fu Shi then launched a major offensive against them, neglecting the North. Sun Bin, with few troops, decided not to attack Jian De, but to instead capture the north. He slaughtered Yan at Xu Xeng and set up residence there.

Song was then beaten by Chu and the land was split in two, Chu in the south and Qin in the north.

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