The War of the 5 Princes was a pivital conflict within the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

After Emperor Guo Xong's death, his five sons (all of different parentage) began a struggle to ascend the throne.


Immediantly after Xong's death, the oldest son, Guo Hai was elevated to the throne by the Regent Jiang Qi. However, Lady Ming, the mother of Guo Hong sought to become Empress Dowager and attempted to install her son onto the throne. Hong tried to assasinate Hai, but he was killed. Lady Ming then forcefully married Guo Cong, and attempted to become Empress. The two other sons, Guo Ai and Guo Lang banded together to kill Ming. Guo Cong managed to gain Jiang Qi's trust by showing him false birth records. Qi then petitioned to have Hai removed, which was accsepted by most of the ministers. Guo Hai was captured and killed, and Cong became Emperor.

Ai and Lang, however, gathered their troops and attacked Cong. They fought throughout the streets of the capital Xu Xeng, and Cong was eventually killed. Ai and Lang then fought for accession. Ai managed to kill Lang, but he was mysteriously murdered afterwards.

Guo Cong and Lady Ming's son Guo Shao then ascended to the throne.

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