The War of the Three Crowns was fought between Blue,Yellow, and Red from Spring of 322 to Spring of 326. The Blue Kingdom triumphed over both the Yellow Kingdom (with the Edict of Leningrad) and the Kingdom of Red (with the Treaty of Red City). Green remained neutral throughout.

Background and beginning

A recent economic downturn in Red convinced King Gyrthos III that Red could no longer export as many items as it had in the past. Prices for the trading nation's goods naturally went up as the flow of goods to Yellow slowed to a trickle. When a mob surrounded and massacred

Yellow's Eastward Drive

Beginning of Blue Involvement

The Tide Turns at Red Crossing

Pause at Red Harbor

Akron and the Western Sea Plains

The Westward Drive of the Yergat Army

The Fall of Yellow City

Yergat Advance into Red

New Technologies and Naval Battles

End of the War

Final Defeat of Yellow

The Fall and Treaty of Red City

Generals of the War



Year 1


Battle of Red Hill


Battle of Namtos

Year 2


Battle of Leningrad

Battle of Shiloh

1st Battle of Red City


1st Battle of Red Crossing

2nd Battle of Red Crossing

Battle of Leningrad Fields


Battle of the Mideast Sea Plains

Battle of Ghealdean

Year 3


1st Battle of Red Harbor

Battle of Jehannah


2nd Battle of Red Harbor

Battle of the North Sea


Battle of the Western Sea Plains

Battle of Akron

Battle of Yellow City


3rd Battle of Red Harbor

1st Battle of Bear Harbor

Year 4


3rd Battle of Red Crossing

Battle of Whitebridge

1st Battle of Yellow Crossing

2nd Battle of Bear Harbor


2nd Battle of Yellow Crossing

Year Five


2nd Battle of Red City


New Technology


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