Template:Wargames:Chars Crymson Necrise is a fictional character in the War Games universe. She is a Sergeant in the the Unity Expeditionary Forces. She is a Necris Blademaiden, one of Malise's most trusted soldiers. Very unique among Necris for her blazing red hair in stark contrast to the usual jet black, it is said that her pure white eyes burn with a fire that pales even that of her hair.


A naturally fiery temper, Crymson is less calculating than she is purely aggressive. She would much prefer to gouge someone's eyes out than work out the most unpredictable way of gouging the eyes out. This can cause her to rub shoulders a little with many other individuals, including Star Admiral Ace. Her first words when he accidentally stumbled into the Black Blades' quarters were "And who the fuck are you?"

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