Nology got into WG thanks to the fact that he was unbelievably bored that day. This was when he was new to the Revora forum, of which Wargames had been part of, in the PR section. Those tiring quarter-hours of no posts of what was relevant to Nology at the time (RA2/YR modding) had begun to take its toll. He broke down, and finally went to go see what WG was all about. As this was still during the time when WG was still in a Project Raptor subforum, he decided to wait, and see if things would change. A week later, the RPGuild was made, and Wargames had moved into its new home. He was one of the first new people, and in fact one of the only new people since WG had moved.

Only in High school, there is still lots ahead for him. He is the controller of the Nologian Alliance, and on CCW, another RP at Revora, Yuktobania.

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