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Armor: 15" Titanium-A battleplate Armament: Particle Cannon, MAC gun x2, CIWS x220, missile launcher x6, Interceptor wing x4

Other: Fusion core mk. III, Hyperspace drive, Dropship x3, Main storage bay

Crew compliment: 12 bridge officers, 23 enginnering techs, 30 security officers, 12 weapons techs, 30 trainees, 40 miscellanious techs

The Razgriz is, by definition, a warship. Most other factions have a flagship that is a multitasker, but the Razgriz is built to deal and take punishmen, hence the name. Armed with a very destructive weapon, the Particle Cannon, the Razgriz will slice and swath its way through enemy fleets.


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