UEF Designation Code: HM


The Huntsman is a heavier dropship craft than the Black Widow, with heavier weapons and armour and a greater troop capacity. It also allows troops to perform a High Altitude Fast Descent drop by similar means as the Black Widow.


The need to deploy more troops faster and safer prompted the larger Huntsman design. It can do everything the Black Widow can and a bit more besides, sporting a small Siren missile pod and quad heavy lasers, giving it a limited insertion first strike capacity. This, combined with the HAFD capacity, can put the enemy on the back foot even before the vehicles have been brought down.


  • Siren Missiles - 8

Range - Long

Power - Medium-High

ROF - Fast

Coverage - Frontal

  • Quad Medium Laser

Range - Medium

Power - Low-Medium

ROF - fast (10 per second)

Coverage - Frontal

  • Cutting Laser

(This weapon is solely for boring through ship hulls prior to boarding action, therefore details of Range, Power, ROF and Coverage are moot.)

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