One of the more brutal weapons in the UEF soldier's arsenal, the Hyper Velocity Penetration (HVP)-9 'Penetrator' takes 'Armour Piercing' to a new level. One of the UEF's few slugthrower weapons, it takes a leaf from the railgun book, however replaces the slugs with diamond-tipped discard sabot stakes roughly seven inches long by two wide at the trailing end. More than capable of penetrating any infantry body armour known to man (even battle power suits are often compromised), the HVP-9 fires these projectiles at extremely high speed, and often impale the target thanks to the shaping of the stake often preventing throughpass except at point-blank range.

Despite the throughpass prevention, the projectile's velocity allows it to propel the victim backwards. Pinning to the wall is not uncommon. Its other names include the 'Slayer', in reference to the vampire weakness of being killed by a stake through the heart, and the 'Nail gun'.

Effective accurate range is at around 500m, however the projectile will often travel further than that with lethal effect.

The Penetrator can also double as an antitank rifle when depleted uranium slugs are loaded instead of the stakes, and additional explosive rounds have also been devised, using the weapon's remarkable penetrative capacity to breach thin walls or obstacles in order to hit the target.

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