Ontos Mech

First seen in the closing stages of the Belkan War, the Ontos Mech was the first implementation of the UEF's Renaissance of Warfare, taking advantage of the new Belkan technology attained by the UEF.


A natural progression of the successful Minotaurus assault walker, the Ontos was designed to be a superheavy landbased dreadnought, capable of taking an obscene amount of punishment and dealing it right back. Armed to the teeth and beyond, the pilot and three gunners of the Ontos was encased in more armour than just about any sort of tank seen on the battlefield before or since.

While legs (particularly a bipedal design as the Ontos uses) have often been considered a vulnerability for an armoured vehicle, the Ontos legs are very heavily armoured and incorporate numerous monomolecular blades below the 'knee' joints to prevent tripping. The legs are also weighted down so as to be as heavy as the body to balance out the centre of gravity.

At twenty storeys tall, the Ontos is certainly a sight to behold, and a sight to be feared. It is by no means a fast-moving vehicle, but once it gets there, the battlefield gets really quiet really fast.


  • Extended-Range MAC rail guns – 4

Range - Long

Power - High-Very High

ROF - Medium

Coverage – Torso-mount (360degree ROT)

  • Multibarrelled laser cannons – 4

Range - Medium

Power - Low (Anti-infantry)

ROF – Very Fast (400 per second)

Coverage – Upper torso-mount, 360 independent pintle ROT + 90 Y-axis ROT

  • Banshee Rocket Pod – 90 per shoulder

Range - Long-Very Long

Power - High-Very High

ROF – Very Fast Coverage – Forward facing torso mount (360 ROT of torso)

  • Plasma Focus Beam –1

Range – Medium-Long

Power - -Very High

ROF – Constant (charge time)

Coverage – Forward facing torso mount (360 ROT of torso)

  • Shockwave Generator

Range – Short-Medium

Power - High-Very High

ROF – Very Slow

Coverage – 360 radius

  • Concussion Beam - 2

Range - Medium

Power – High (multiple-penetration)

ROF - Slow (1 salvo every 5 seconds)

Coverage – Leg-mounted forward facing.

  • RIOT Shield

Range - Short

Power – Depends on range – usually high

ROF - Constant

Coverage – Front-side.

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