UEF Designation Code: REC


The Recluse is very aptly named. It is one of only two vehicles in the entire UEF equipped with a cloaking device, allowing for very covert insertion.


Unarmed and only lightly armoured, the Recluse at first glance appears to be a step back following the success of the Huntsman. However, that is only half the tale. The Recluse is a stealth aircraft, capable of making itself completely invisible to the naked eye. Equipped with special ion drives which are totally silent and generate a much reduced heat signature, the Recluse is capable of covert, near undetectable insertion capacity. Its cloaking device can also extend to the vehicle which it totes, enabling ground forces to be assembled completely undetected.

It is HAFD capable, however this function is not so often used purely due to the fact it would often break cover for troops to suddenly appear from midair.


Cutting Laser (Used only to bore through enemy hulls)

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