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UEF Designation Code: TAR


The Tarantula is an oddity among the TIC units. It is HAFD capable, can tote vehicles and carry a hundred troops, however it cannot bore through hulls. It does, however, make up for that deficiency and more.


The Tarantula at first glance appears to be a superheavy Huntsman, however that description does not tell the full tale. The Tarantula is capable of using its legs for walking around on the ground rather, making for a hexapedal mech unit. It sports light lasers which can be used on the fly, however when engaging in ground operations, a turret raises from the back of the craft, sporting a plasma focus beam. Diverting energy from the engines to power this massive weapon means it can only use it on the ground, however once there this twenty-metre behemoth can burn death into the soil as a giant heavy tank as well as serving as a troop and vehicle transport beforehand.


  • Plasma Focus Beam Turret

Range - Long

Power - High

ROF – constant (can only operate while vehicle is on the ground)

Coverage – Turret-mounted 360

  • Quad Medium Laser

Range - Medium

Power - Low-Medium

ROF - fast (10 per second)

Coverage - Frontal

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